There’s a common misconception that men’s fashion does not have enough variation. Fashion has always been associated more with women instead of men. However, that’s not reality. Men have always been following fashion and now the number of men following the latest trends in clothing has significantly increased. Media, internet and marketing strategies have played a major role here. Do read till the end if you still can’t believe the fact that men follow fashion just like women. Here’s a list of multiples types and styles of men’s underwear alone. Yes, underwears for men have so many different categories.

Boxer Shorts

It is evident by the name that they are worn by boxers majorly. However, they have become a staple in every man’s wardrobe now. Boxer shorts are loose and airy therefore most men use it as sleepwear. Moreover, men’s boxers are not hard to find. They are very easily available in every second menswear brand at all price points.


Briefs are also a very common part of male undergarments. They are mostly legless and come with an elastic waistband. Briefs are also used as swimwear because the material does not extend down the thighs.

Boxer Briefs

The name says it all. Boxer briefs are a hybrid of briefs and boxer shorts. They are breathable like boxers, therefore, they tend to keep you comfortable throughout the day.


Trunks are believed to be the favorite type of underwear for millennial boys. It’s a combination of brief and boxer briefs. You can identify trunks by their square cut. See them as boxer briefs with short legs if you have difficulty understanding the shape of their cut. Also, they are perfect to wear on your swimming sessions.


Interestingly, jockstraps have been in existence since 1888. They were specifically designed for cyclists to protect them from the saddle sore. Over time, their design has undergone different changes to suit the needs of men. There are now two types of jockstraps which include athletic jockstrap and fashion jockstrap.

Men’s Bikinis

Did you know men’s bikinis were introduced in 1942? This tells us that men’s fashion has been a part of this world since ages. Men’s bikini was majorly used as a swimwear but as the time passed by, it became a popular category of men’s undergarments. These are further classified into four types which are known as string bikini, Brazilian bikini, bikini brief, and micro bikini. It’s interesting how each category is further divided into sub-categories.

Men’s Thongs

Men’s thongs did not become popular right after they were invented. Women thongs were considered to be fashionable and trendy. On the other hand, people looked down upon on men who wore thongs. However, they still managed to find their way into the fashion industry. Men’s thongs are quite popular among the fashion-conscious fraction of men.


G-strings are more or less similar to men’s thongs. They were basically invented for women. However, time made most men a little more fashion conscious and hence G-strings were introduced for men as well. G-strings gained popular nearly two decades back. They are further divided into three types which are named as see-through g-strings, lace g-strings, pouch enhancing g-strings.

We are sure you must have been amazed by the fact that how creatively fashion has been implemented in men’s undergarments. This is not just the case with underwear for men but almost every other men’s product has evolved to a great extent over time. We don’t think that fashion maestro will put a full stop here. Men’s fashion will continue to evolve in the future as well.