A bench with inscribed note and a tree connect Florence and Sombor



Connect Florence and Sombor – A MEMORY OF JOSIP PEIĆ

Josip Peić was born in February 13, 1985 in Sombor, Serbia. Josip was a person who was constantly learning new things and looking for ways to improve himself and a better human being. I am so proud of the son I raised. I am blessed and honored to have had him being a part of my life. It is amazing that such a short-span life has had such a huge impact. He is dearly missed.

Josip graduated with the highest grades in 2010, at the Faculty of Philosophy of Novi Sad, Serbia. Then he graduated from his master studies of political theory in 2012 at the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade, Serbia. He also mastered in public policies in 2015 at the University of Central Europe (CEU) in Budapest, Hungary. The course of his PhD studies at the prestigious European University Institute (EUI) in Florence; Italy had been interrupted three months after his admission to that institution. His studies were stopped by unexpected and premature death on November 24, 2015.

connect Florence and Sombor

On the occasion of the first anniversary of Josip’s death, I founded a Sombor-based “Josip Peić Foundation” in memory of my only son.

Last year, at this time, an olive tree was planted, and a bench named after Josip was installed in the EUI residence area in Josip’s memory.

The second anniversary of Josip’s death, as well as the first anniversary of the Foundation, was marked on November 24, 2017, in Josip’s home town of Sombor. By the authorization of municipal authorities, a golden ash tree was planted in the Park of heroes, located right next to the City Hall. A plaque with an appropriate message and data on Josip Peic was also screwed to a park bench, saying:

In memory of Josip, Peic, the citizen of Sombor and talented PhD student at EUI in Florence, where he suddenly departed from all those he loved and who loved him, and in a sign of friendship towards Florence.

“One of my greatest desires in life is to be in a position where I can help people to the same extent that other people helped me when I needed it the most.” ~ June 8, 2015”

This is the first golden ash tree ever planted in the town of Sombor where Josip was born.

connect Florence and SomborRegardless of distance between Sombor and Florence, a bench with inscribed note and a tree connect those two towns forever, thanks to my son Josip.

In the forthcoming months, the Foundation would need some fundraising. It is a festive season in Europe and the whole world, and it can be a perfect time to endorse fundraising and, in that way to contribute to the cause of “Josip Peić” Foundation. There are future projects that the Foundation can achieve successfully, so the upcoming Christmas season might be a perfect time for the fundraising activities. Can we, please, use this year’s Christmas season to raise some much needed funds?

My greatest desire has been to touch the hearts and lives of many students and, by doing so, to fulfill the legacy of my son Josip. He dreamed of extending that happiness and joy to as many people as possible. That is his greatest legacy today and something that we can all contribute to through the Foundation named after him.

If you wish to contribute to our cause and future projects, all donations are welcome. Any amount of money will help a student in dire needs.



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Founder: Zlata Peić Bang

Email: zlatator@yahoo.com

Phone: + 381/64-299-76-22

A bench with inscribed note and a tree connect Florence and Sombor