Custom Rigid boxes are often associated with luxury products. It is a common type of packaging. Moreover, these boxes are four times thicker than average boxes. These boxes are sturdy and do not get folded with any kind of pressure.  Furthermore, the trend of using rigid boxes UK is increasing from the last few years. Especially for packing delicate, precious and fragile products. These boxes are mostly in use for the products like mobile phones, tablets and perfumes etc. It is because such products need extra care for protection.

Custom Rigid Boxes

Besides, rigid boxes have such qualities that attract people towards your product. It gives the product such traits that allure people from afar and force them to come and have a look. Apart from that, a hard material is used for the manufacturing of rigid boxes. It is mostly made of cardboard and cardstock. You can print your logo on the custom rigid boxes UK. It will give the packaging a beautiful and captivating look. Moreover, you can print product description or any special information about the product on the boxes. Similarly, some people does not like printing and prefer plain boxes. While and black plain rigid boxes look so fascinating and tantalizing. This box is in high demand because of its high quality that guarantees the protection of the product. But it is expensive than the other boxes.

Various embellishments to give a glamorous and beguiling look:

People give much importance to the packaging these days. Especially the precious and fragile one. For this reason, the demand for custom rigid packaging is increasing gradually. Moreover, these boxes itself have an enticing and enchanting look. There are other options as well that can help in giving a more beautiful look to the boxes.

Custom Rigid BoxesFoiling gives a charming and captivating look to the packaging. Moreover, foiling is available in all colours. Just tell the company which colour you want. Similarly, gold, rose gold, and silver foiling is more popular among people. You can write your brand name or the text with foiling as well. It will give a highlighted look to the boxes.

On the other hand, if you want to make your printing look more prominent embossing and debossing are the best option for you. In embossing, the text is raised above the ground. Contrary to it, in debossing, the text is recessed into the ground. 

Similarly, you can add window cuts on the packaging. It will give customers the inside look of the product when you gift someone a product in rigid boxes with window cut. Similarly, it will display the product beautifully. It will amaze all the people who are watching you giving the gift. There are two types of window cuts. Die-cut window gives a tangible and seeable look. On the other hand, the PVC window only allows you to see the product.

Coatings to make the product pop out among rest:

Retailers are in search of a way that can help in maintaining the flawless finishing of the packaging. They want a packaging that remains the same even after the careless handling of curious customers. Different coatings can help in achieving this goal.

Custom Rigid BoxesMatte coating gives a dull and dense look to the packaging. Moreover, it is fingerprint resistant and let the colours appear vibrantly. Likewise, matte coatings help in giving the printing a more prominent look.

On the other hand, gloss coating gives a glossy and shiny look to the packaging. It is said that people mostly get attracted towards glossy packaging. For this reason, the demand of gloss coating is high in the market. Also, you can easily remove the dust and strains from such coating.

Satin coating gives a balanced look to the packaging. It is neither overly matte nor glossy. It gives a subtle look to the boxes.Custom Rigid Boxes

There are many companies working today because of the increasing demand for packaging. For some, this business is just a way to earn money. But there are other companies as well that is old and has a lot of experience. Choose such a company that know the work very well and prior customer’s satisfaction. Order your custom rigid packaging now before it gets too late.