Ways to decrease the Risk if fire damage to your rooftop


Your roof is a beautiful and attractive part of your house. But the role it works in keeping you protected and your house structurally sound is more important than how it looks. That’s why roof repairs in Toronto is important. While you’re maintaining it regularly, here are some ways to decrease the risk of fire damage to your rooftop.

Use Fire-Resistant Materials

When your roof is fitted or installed on your house, talk to your Toronto roofers about what type of materials are being used in its structure and construction. You’ll need the best and fine quality materials you can get according to your budget. Good and reliable roofing contractors in Toronto should use fire-resistant roofing materials to build your roof, to guarantee that you won’t sustain fire damage to your roof. The good quality materials are more expensive, but the cost is worth your while.

Repair Cracks, Holes And Gaps

Fire-resistant roofing materials will start the job of shielding your roof against fire damage, but you should also have cracks, holes, and gaps fixed. Damaged sections of the roof won’t have the same protection as other areas. Whether you’re missing some shingles or have a hole in your flashing, a fire could sneak through those broken areas and into the less protected sections underneath.

Routinely Clean The Roof

Fire-resistant roofing materials do not mean fireproof. If you have a large amount of debris or trash collected on the rooftop and it starts to burn for an extended period, the heat could eventually get to your roofing materials and burn them. Any time trash or debris falls on the roof, due to the variation in seasons or the change in climate, be sure it gets cleaned off.

Safety Is Important

Fire protection and safety are important. Whether you are grilling on the barbecue, burning a bonfire, or letting off fireworks. It’s necessary to ensure that your house is safe and protected when making a fire. If you’re cooking food, make sure that the gas is turned off when you’re done, and if you’ve burned a bonfire for visitors or guests, make sure that it’s far away from a wall, deck or overhanging trees.

Install A Lightning Arrestor

Lightning can cause a fire on your rooftop. By placing and installing a lightning arrestor, you can simply stop this type of fire. The arrester is a device formed of brass or copper which gives a safe way for light to travel to the ground.

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