Different Types Of Screen Protectors Or Screen Guards


The screen cover or screen protector for a smartphone is maybe one of the best, and most significant, accessories you should have to compliment and guard or protect your device. The logical advantage of a screen cover is simple and easy to understand, but what could be more difficult is the actual type of screen guard.

There are a few different types of screen protectors. Each protector has its benefits.

Before you put a screen guard on your phone, view the popular types and materials they’re created from:

Did you know the screen guard was made in 1968 by Herbert Schlegel? He invented and patented the initial of its kind to be applied on the screens of televisions. Smartphone screen guards or protectors emerged from personal digital assistants, or PDAs, which were notorious for getting cuts or scratches.

Most Common Screen Protector Types

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Tempered Glass

This is one of the most famous and popular kinds of screen protectors in the market. Using tempered glass implies you get the greatest or highest level of shield against scratches or broken screens, and it is also very easy to install on your phone and is long-lasting. Tempered glass will measure from .1mm up to 0.5mm in thickness, which determines the screen guard will stand slightly off of the screen, but you will hardly see it is there. If you are an iPhone user and in case your iPhone screen is broken then you can count on iPhone screen repair services of TheFix. TheFix provides the best iPhone services near you.

Privacy Screen Protector

If you use your phone for a company or business, you may be presenting sensitive data and information when browsing, for example. This is where a privacy screen guard is a beneficial option. This kind of screen guard means you have to be looking directly at the screen to read it. So anyone standing on either side can’t view what you are looking at.

Ultra-Clear Screen Protector

Extremely transparent so that it can give a sharp, clear view of the screen. These screen guards can prevent UV rays and come with a non-adhesive silicone back which makes it simple or easy to take off and replace.

Anti-Glare Screen Protector

These kinds of screen protectors are perfect for people who use their phones outside and require them to block the light from UV rays. These types of screen guards also prevent the fingerprint layer in addition to being scratch resistant.

Mirror Screen Protector

These kinds of screen protectors can turn your phone into a nice or decent mirror when it’s not in use. But, their popularity and demand have decreased now that most of the phones have a front-facing camera.

When you are in a situation where your screen protector or guard breaks or cracks, then you will need to go for your nearby phone repair shop to replace your screen protector with a new one.