There’s nothing the fashion world loves more than doling out directions and issuing edicts. “This is in”. “This is out”. “This is cool”. “This is hideous”. “This will make you look like a sartorial sexual panther”. “This will make you look like a total fashion disaster”. Online men clothes shopping make it easier for men to decide what to wear once they have identified their body shape.

Men, since years unknown, have presumed that the idea of “How to Dress for Your Body Type” is reserved to their fairer counterparts only. However, it is equally important for men to accept this idea as well.

Regardless of possessing an ideal body shape or not, every fellow can reap benefits from dressing in a way that is best suited to his physical body shape & structure. It’s a fashion style sin everyone has been guilty of at least once; dressing to suit what’s in style, but not what actually suits a person.

Your Body Needs You:

A great wardrobe is a mix of classic pieces and current trends, all personalized to be uniquely you. Knowing how to dress for your body shape – and which styles to avoid – is the first step to owning your personal style. Your body deserves your undivided attention when it comes to dressing it up.

Be careful of what you choose, a single mistake can make you look out of place. Treat your body with what it needs and not what people would want to see it in.

Identify Your Body Shape Before Choosing Your Outfit:

Nearly all men belong to one out of five classifications: Oval, trapezoid (also known as rhomboid), triangle, inverted triangle, or rectangle shape. Discovering under which category you belong will help you know which outfits to pick up and which ones to avoid.

Think about how often you hear fashion gurus talk about the importance of fit. An expensive garment that isn’t right for your body will look bad no matter how much money you dropped on it, and an inexpensive piece will look like a million dollar if it fits well. Buy men clothes on low prices at wearglam.

Types Of Men’s Bodies:

There are 5 types of bodies that most men fit into:

  1. The Heavy Lifter/ Body Builder:

    The Heavy Lifter’s chest and shoulders are broad, but his hips and waist are narrower. There is a significant difference between top and bottom, with a wide upper body and a smaller lower body, that is frequently the result of regular ‘get massive’ workouts.

  2. The Athletic Figure:

    Picture those incredibly fit Olympic chaps. The Athlete is broad across the chest and shoulders and narrow in the waist and hips.

  3. The Lego Block Shape:

    The lego block shape gets his name because his torso takes the shape of a rectangle, with little difference between the width of his chest/shoulders and the width of his waist/hips. He is like a walking rectangle.

  4. Always Looking For Food/ Pregnant With Food Baby:

    If the Heavy Lifter is an inverted triangle, the always looking for food/ pregnant with food baby turns the triangle right-side up. His chest and shoulders are narrower than his waist and hips, making his lower half appear larger than the upper.

  5. The Cuddly Teddy Bear:

    You know exactly what this guy looks like. The Cuddly Teddy Bear is round and huggable, frequently with narrower shoulders and slim legs. This is probably where we’re all headed eventually, so it’s a shape worth understanding even if it’s not you yet. Everyone loves a cuddly teddy bear or a big round Santa Clause.

Dressing According To your Body Type – Guide For Men

By Ammar Hussain