It was the year 2000 and something more, we were all just a bit older than a child.

We were living in Pescara, attending University, trying to do our best.

We were there looking for culture, o more probably to show our culture. Someone was painting, other playing music.

And just among those who were playing music was him. Millo wasn’t that kind of person who talks more than the enough. I remember we were sitting on the ground, and some baby politicians explain the plain.

Honestly I never pay a lot of attention, I was there for the same reason I’m here now. I like writing and it’s not a lie I found there inspiration.

The plain took less than a couple of steps. All finished in a soap bubble.

Years later when life was planned and my children born, scrolling on my smartphone I put a like on the Millo page. It advice me that he would have realize a murals for the PAR, an association of mothers from Abruzzo in favor of school’s security.

I asked for an interview and got it. I discovered Millo as a component of a group called Budda of Suburbia. The same silent boy I met twenty years before.

At that time I was reading a book about the New Babylon of Constant Nieuwenhuys. During our conversation I had a flashback. The great tend who was talking about the anti-artist from DaDA resemble the Millo way’s to see the world.

He spoke to me of a world without frontiers, where you couldn’t recognize the limits of each country. In that world a man is just a man and it doesn’t matter the color or the language or even the religion.

As John Lennon still singing, imagine there’s no countries, I look forward everyone opens their eyes to see the world as Millo does.