How to Deal With the Jewelry Problems

Because high-end jewelry is expensive, although the hardness is high, once it is hurt, the loss is irreparable, so it is recommended to go to a professional jewelry store for professional cleaning and maintenance


Jewelry Problems with High-grade gemstones

Variety: Diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, chrysoberyl cat’s eye

Scope: High-grade gemstones have a clear and unified standard in the world-class range, that is, the world’s top five gemstones.

Storage and maintenance: Because high-end jewelry is expensive, although the hardness is high, once it is hurt, the loss is irreparable, so it is recommended to go to a professional jewelry store for professional cleaning and maintenance. High-grade gemstone hardness is relatively high, if knock against between each other, the probability of damage is also relatively large, so try to ensure independence when storing. For example, it can be stored in a soft cloth bag alone or in some personalized name bracelets jewelry boxes to ensure that there is no collision or friction between the stones and the metal.

Renovation and maintenance: Many shops or custom merchants provide regular maintenance services. In addition to the professional cleaning of gemstones custom name bracelets, it will also help you check whether the inlaid interface is secure. If you feel that the gemstone inlay is loose, please send it back to the shop and carry out inlay reinforcement.

Precious metal that is easy to blacken

Common varieties: platinum, white gold, gold, silver

Scope: Jewelry can leave neither gems nor the best molder – metal. The most common metals used to set gemstones are Platinum and K white gold infinity name necklace. Rose K gold and yellow K gold is also very popular today. Gold and silver are often used alone to design jewelry.

Anti-deformation: Because precious metal and jewelry are small in toughness and hardness, it is easy to sag and deform. When wearing, pay attention to minimize external impact. The wearing of precious metal jewelry itself pays great attention to the design form, and if it is deformed, it is very obstructive to the appearance. But as a store of value, it’s not affected.

Anti-tarnishing: Precious metal jewelry is also very easy to fade or become very dim. This is because the metal itself is also derived from metal minerals, but the molecular formula of the surface itself is very unstable, and it is easy to react with other chemical components in the air. The most typical example is that metallic silver name on necklace will turn black after a long time. Because it reacts with the “sulphur” in the air and returns to the state of black ore. While the chemicals in the air can make silver black, human sweat and other chemicals can react more quickly, so be careful when wearing them and wipe them dry as soon as possible.

Tips: Wipe clean the surface regularly

The price of precious metal jewelry is often not as high as that of precious gems, and it is not so fragile. Some maintenance can be done at home. For example, the most commonly used silver jewelry can be cleaned with toothpaste immediately when it is found to turn black, using the oxidation reaction of the tiny particles in toothpaste with the acid component weight and surface. If other metals are set with precious stones, remember to dry the metal parts after washing the stones to avoid accelerating the chemical reaction and discoloring the metal cheap engraved bracelets.

The vulnerable jade

Common varieties: jade, Hetian jade, hsiuyen jade, Nanjiang carnelian, etc.

Scope: Professionally speaking, chalchiguite and nephrite are the most famous.

Avoid collision: The hardness of jade or Hetian jade is not low, but because it is a polycrystalline aggregate, it is brittle. There are many dark lines and cracks due to their loose internal structure. So the bump of jade is irreparable.

Avoid liquid and detergent: Wearing jade has many benefits, especially people absorb the microelements contained in jade during the friction, and the jade will become more spiritual, which is regarded as “human and jade syntrophism”. However, human sweat is harmful to jade name jewelry necklace (this). After long-term contact, the jade will become dim and slowly erode the inside. In addition, many chemical cleaners that are exposed during housework, including fragrances commonly used by women, can cause bad erosion on jade.

Avoid cold and heat: As mentioned before, there are many dark and fine lines in the jade itself, and the structure is not uniform. Therefore, it is also necessary to avoid sun exposure or roasting along the high temperature of the fire. It is easy to expand and shrink and cause fragmentation.

Don’t throw away the cracked jade!

Since it is said that jade is very easy to break, once the fragmentation is irreparable, is it really broken and need to be thrown away? What a pity! If the bracelet is broken, you can use the precious metal to reconnect the remaining parts. It is also a new bracelet with gold inlaid jade. If the remaining part is too small, or the big pendant is broken, you can use the rest of the most complete part to polish the sharp edges round and make a new small pendant or accessories.