6 Jewish Artifacts You Can Buy Online


Jewish culture and its religious artifacts are deemed holy and spiritual one. Judaism is amongst the oldest religion and has numerous traditions and beliefs associated with it. With times, many of the traditions have been wiped out and some of them are still blooming magically.

Every tradition has its some sort of religious artifacts without which the very essence of the religion is not complete. And in this article, we will take a closer look at the prominent Jewish artifacts those you have not comprehended till date. What are those artifacts? Let’s find out.

1. Amulets

Amulets are religious objects traditionally used in Judaism. These religious objects are particularly used to keep evil and negative energies at bay. While the traditional value of this Jewish item has faded, in modern times, people still use them for the same purpose. You can even shop them at Judaica shop for jewish.

2. Tzitzit

Tzitzit are precisely the string attached to the Tallit gadol. These items are still holds the same unique values as few decades back. You can even buy them online on many jewish item store. And, because they have a unique meaning for people of Jewish faith, they are highly anticipated religious items that mean so much to people of this religion.

3. Mitzvah

Mitzvahs are religious boxes that have parchment of scrolls of torah contained within. These mitzvah boxes are imperative to complete traditional ceremonies mentioned in Hebrew Bible. Now, these religious artifacts are even available online. And, after shopping these can be placed on the doors and windows which are the most suitable places for these boxes.

4. Yahrzeit Candles

Yahrzeit candles are another faith related object from Judaism. These candles are lit-up in memories of people who are dead. Even in numerous other ceremonies and rituals these candles becomes an essential element to complete the traditional based activities. These candles are even used in times when electricity based candles have taken place in life. But, their relevant in Jewish custom still made them a vital object for Jewish faith.

5. Challah Covers

While there are many other religious items from Judaism, but challah covers holds significant value in Shabbat holiday. These Challah covers are renowned to be placed on the centerpiece of Shabbat table. Due to their mesmerizing design and eye catching look, these covers literally transform the aura of the entire surrounding. Along with this, these covers help to cover up the holy Shabbat meal until Kiddush blessings are recited.

6. Dreidel

Dreidel is actually a game that has its own significance in Judaism. This Dreidel is spinners that have Jewish letters printed or inscribed. These religious objects are used on the holy day of Hannukah. And on that particular occasion these objects are spin.


Jewish artifacts are entirely resemblance of God and its learning’s. And, according to their Holy Jewish Bible, God have chosen Prophets as a medium to communicate. When you use these religious artifacts, you become closer to god.