The Innocents of Florence. I am contacting you because I think you are a person who likes to make a difference. Be a part of my Indiegogo campaign and contribute to support independent cinema.
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I create handmade films. I am a neighborhood filmmaker. I’m raising completion funding for this film I followed a painting conservation (restoration) and discovered the story of how wealthy citizens in Renaissance Florence founded an Institute for abandoned and orphaned babies. I am grateful for any contribution you can make. David

Why Invest in Me and in “The Innocents of Florence”.

The Innocents of Florence: When a routine art restoration takes a mysterious turn, art restorers in Florence Italy discover an untold women’s history within an historic Institute.

I am an award-winning filmmaker with credits and experience in all facets of production. I have a solid and diverse resume on IMDB with work in several disciplines.

I feel we have a lot to learn from the past. My film is about art, social systems, daily work and the detail and research involved in the fascinating world of art conservation. I follow two women, Elizabeth Wicks and Nicoletta Fontani, for 30 months as they restore a famous 600 year old painting. The film shows their process and also reveals a captivating story about the social systems put in place by Florentines in 1400 that continue to this day.

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