Man intelligence or artifical intelligence machines? These days we read insistently on the infinite means of information interesting references on the Artificial Intelligence of Robots built from super minds blooming from the centre of the Earth or arrived from extraterrestrial locations with the intention to replace Man Intelligence that at present following world situation extremely topsy-turvy, the Human world community cannot pretend a better future.

Those Artificial Intelligent Machines programmed without heart and soul, expose the human world to heavy risks for the present and much worse for the future, creating millions of additional unemployed people.

Do not forget that at present world unemployment is over 200 million people not considered at all, and these numbers are increasing at alarming levels, while poverty reflects the dangerous number of four billion beings abandoned by social inequity, considering that only 50 people the worldwide detain the richness of the world.

Does not mean a nickel the fact that we are all enchained as leaves of the same World Tree, where the exposure of the leaves on the various corners of the tree, create different culture and civilizations dominated by the four main Religions all in heavy oppositions mainly for business interests. (Atheism, the more developed – Islamism, that exceeded Christianity – Christianity in heavy recession with numbers of Churches abandoned and the Hinduism that follow its own philosophical track).

The introduction of Globalization almost ten years back had a different meaning from its development that has been used negatively to increase the richness of rich people, while the original program was to share internationally up to date technologies in a way that each Country could produce own needs increasing local employment.

Much more, from the invention or discovery of God by the Jewish, introducing the Monotheism almost six hundred year before Christ, to guide humanity to improve human relations, and later introducing the Ten Commandment dictated to Moses in Palestine , at the time the Intellectual Human Machine of different groups, worked out a new God with his Son Jesus to guide the masses to own competitive interests, adding more sophisticated attraction with Adam and Eve, Cain that kill Abel because too good for this world, and many Saints as the cherry on the cake, hammering the above new philosophies’ for millenniums.

Nowadays, it seems, because of the surpassing of the Islam’s philosophy on all previous believes, the Artificial Human Intelligent Machine that has dominated the world for almost two thousand years, is staggering and willing to review the past Creed and to consent the ideological marriage between Christianity and Islam.

The muscles of the Power that always dominate on the weaker.

In conclusion of the above subject matter referring to the Artificial Brain, Human or Machine, as we can ascertain the idea always circulate around Man Interests, to design adequate Intelligent Machine to respond to personal need and cut off as much they can the service of workers costs to improve the benefit either for Politicians privileges as well as for the Investors.

Here are described some Ridiculous judgment on certain Intellectual Machine developments.

To see a car traveling without driver, a bag at the AirPort that follow the owner, Drones that spy women in the bathroom on the tenth floor of a building, pay a Public servant fifty time the remuneration of a worker that produce and maintain the Country, injustices exert by the power of an Authority against the Law, speculate on somebody in condition of need or the Monetary Wear, increase the cost of people primary needs, to debit Political privileges to citizens, to spread wrong information, to oblige people to pay furtive operation exert by Authorities, to emit penalty or sanctions post dated of years to hide the fraud, etc., they are all the result of the Human Artificial Brain applied to the Intellectual Controversial Machine.

For that reason, Emperor Nerone burned Rome that justified his action for too many Rats around the city, but if Nerone revives nowadays it may decide to throw a bar of Nuclear chocolate on Rome to eliminate a City that is operating with all-around negative Human Intellectual Machines damaging the Country people and part of the foreign World.

Man intelligence or artifical intelligence machines?

Anthony Ceresa – Italia International Association