Today Aisha Lulu, 5 years old
An orphan from Gaza
Died alone

Ah! The small martyr

Nobody from her family
Allowed to follow her to hospital in Jerusalem
Because that’s the rules
Of check points soldiers of Zionist
Though Aisha Lulu was fighting for her life
From a chronique brain tumor
Only an unknon woman
Allowed to accompany her
For love and compassion of a small orphan
Who doesn’t know anything
About political game of the mighty and the powerful
That’s the pinch of humanity
Shown to Aisha Lulu
The orphan from Gaza
And Aisha Lulu died
Crying to the end of of her life

Oh my!
Where is humanity
What is humanity
Of the Chosen ones?

Al Fatihah* for Aisha Lulu
Maybe death is better for you, my angel.

Winter 2019.

Note: AlFatihah is prayer recited for the dead in Islam.