The hypocrite planet

Since the 1950s there has been nothing more than daily talk of the possible damage caused to people by growing pollution

The Hypocrite Planet is not the Planet of the famous ancient Greek Philosopher Hippocrates Father of the Medicine, but without being surprised it is exactly our Planet Earth that as a consequence of racked beings climbed in the seats of command with purely speculative policies, they have led Mother Nature to rebel with disastrous actions and costly consequences that have even changed negatively the Climate of the Planet.

Since the 1950s there has been nothing more than daily talk of the possible damage caused to people by growing pollution that not only damages the man and the environment, but over the time has also affected the climate of the entire planet with irreparable consequences.

Today, after about 70 years, the results obtained are under our eyes and show that all those responsible people planning national and global policies, have not only failed to take into account the alarming advice of the science, but have set themselves to challenge their policies with increased exploitation of the Black Gold, where in some countries the privileges and the remuneration reserved to politicians and Bankers, go from 15 to 50 times the salary of a normal worker, which represent the human capital defined vulgarly populist that produces and creates the wealth of the nation.

In Europe, almost all the Nations that make up the European Union, generate their greatest benefits of the National Budgets from the Black Gold and derivatives, which have become the most important element of income, considered man must acclaimed servant for consuming energy and other industrial products, which from the extraction, production and transport to the final consumer, enriches National Governments benefiting more than 90% of the selling price in taxes for all its uses, also considering the additional profits on the purchase of medicines and the premature deaths, caused by polluting the air, also affecting plantations, water, food, the character of people and of all living beings, camels, flies, monkeys, mosquitoes, etc.

Maybe someone can interpret it as a joke, but that guy is visibly sick because he breathes, eats and drinks pollution.

For this reason it is advised to go from time to time to the mountains or to the sea to recharge your lungs and the spirit, reserved only for wealthy people.
We, or rather they are destroying not only the future of our children, but also the habitat of all living beings that share with the man the Hypocritical Planet, or if you prefer the Planet of the Hypocrites.

According to information from the World Health Organization, deaths from air pollution and food are over seven million a year, causing various types of cancer, different levels of dementia, premature births, diabetes, asthma, heart attacks, angina, bronchitis, and cough.

In some Black Mineral producing countries, such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Sudan, Venezuela, etc., the product has unexpectedly enriched the cream of beings of Power benefiting with Petrol Dollars, easy money that have generated an internal depravity environment in addition to buy weapons and drugs as a challenge of pride to retreat the weaker and the less fortunate neighbors.

The future? The Magician does not pronounce himself because by now everything is in the light of the Sun and in conclusion of the picture exposed above miracles cannot be foreseen for the fact the 90% of Taxes generated from the Gold Mineral which contributes favorably to the Local Budgets of the Nations, don’t find substitutive solutions considering the end of the Black Gold is nothing more than a dream, unless a system of equalization of remuneration and privileged of the pensions is adopted as a general National and International Policy.

In America (US) that is the greatest power at the service of the world social order with open doors for all but with intelligence, where major Government Parties: Republicans and Democrats exchange accusations because both cannot find any favorable solutions to replace the Black Oil to Balance the National Budgets, confirming the hypocrisy that reigns in the Politics.

Blind solutions adapted to date in support of alternative Plants operated by Wind and Sun are palliative to round off the national GDPs, as they are of limited efficiency with operating costs far from the praised lies.

There are other optimal solutions for complete substitution of hydrocarbons, either to generate clean pure Electric Power as well as to operate in the Automobiles and Trucks field but are suffocated by the various Lobbies of Power.

The script follows with a message sent to the US President Donald Trump with a request for financial support for the development of a new Natural system to generate clean, continuous and reduced Electric Power costs.

Dear President Donald Trump,

In view to develop an important innovative project World Wide, I wonder if I can rely on your help to obtain the necessary investment to crank, to be justified as a Loan with direct or indirect participation, refunded in 25 years at one pour cent interest and 48% of the net profit, with number two years of Grace for the construction and the interest of the first two years to be repaid gradually after the fifth year of activity.
The Project investment required is forecasted US$ 500 million and split in two essential parts as described hereunder in (1A) and (1B).

(1A) The construction of a number of Resorts with innovative technological concept in Real Estate, to be erected in different European Countries, each one with over one thousand apartments of different size fully furnished, named the “City in the City”, with a centralized food self service and Bar, a First Aid, a Bank Agency, a large swimming pool and various sport amenities, also called the Eden for Business Meeting, Vacationer, Families, Workers and Retired People (independent or assisted), where the whole project shall be completely independent of external Energy supply:- (Electric Power and Sweet drinking Water shall be homemade at much cheaper costs for Countries next to Lakes, Rivers or Sea site).

(1B) The Electric Power homemade in the “City in the City” concerns a new technological solution with higher efficiency free pollution, operated continuously by Natural means day and night, much cheaper than any other system presently available on the International market. (No Wind or Solar alternative Plants with high operation costs, no High Voltage Lines, no Transformers and no Accumulators).

(2) Furthermore:- Generating cheap Electric Power by independent Natural means, we can reduce Pollution, provide the light and Power to the “City in the City”, we can also produce conveniently Sweet Water from dirty or Sea Water in abundance for the City own personal utilities, also for Plantation or Industrial need, for Countries next to Lakes, Rivers and Sea sites.

(3) Commercially, In Europe, there are millions of workers or retired people looking for a place to move with accessible costs for a new life of Peace in a residential structure where Culture, Sport, Clean Air, Socialization and Peace are the fundamental function for an improved quality of life.

(4A) The ROI forecasted for the Resort is over 16% annually Gross Profit.

(4B) The ROI forecasted from the development of the Electric Power Plant is over 30% annually Gross Profit.

(5) Both Projects can be developed the World Round with Costs and Profits relative to Local Costs.

(6) The Summary description of the overall Project and relative Product Planning is available upon your request or upon the eventual interest of Banks or Group of Investors.

(7) For your perusal: I am a Senior Engineer Italian Nationality with long practical experience in the various field on the five Continents, on the account of large International Groups with Managerial responsibilities on Administration – Constructions – Research & Developments – Cost Improvement – New Products – Marketing.

(8) I’m the Administrator of “ANTHONY CERESA ITALIA INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION” with over five million Associates the World Round and commercially have its importance.

(9) Remaining at your disposal for additional information, Meantime Dear President Donald Trump please accept my kind regards.

(10) Mr. Anthony CERESA – 20138 Milano Italy.

(11) E-mail:> <> .