This difficult times


In this difficult times
we heard stories
bodies could not be buried
in hometowns
but taken to uninhibated deserts
children could not sit down to hold hands of parents
still warm
died few minutes ago
could not bade farewell
and will live with nightmares whole lifetime.

In this difficult times
grandmas and grandpas
died in their bed in old folks homes
bodies kept in tennis stadiums
by the roadsides
in municipal halls
in countries always talking
about progress
health and happiness index.

In this difficult times
television stations relayed stories
hospitals not admitting seniors and taking only younger patients and an old lady of 90 refused ventilator and gave it to a younger patient because she had lived long enough she said.
In this difficult times many doctors and hospital staffs were infected by the virus and I sent messages to all my friends all over the world to look after themselves and never forget to say prayers before going to sleep.

In this difficult times I And Edin could still have a laugh because he said in his country the death rate was low because he said they are not rich and his people doesn’t fly here and there.
Ah! Actually its not so bad not being rich.
Then I told him In my homeland its also like that because old parents live with their children and always being taken care off when they have a slight fever and cough and our death rate is not thousands like in countries where they talked about high happiness index.

Kings, presidents and prime ministers who are gods all these while are also infected
Ah! this is not for those 99% only!
This unseen virus wants to remind us to be human I think. Few days ago Antonio Gutterres send his email to me to keep writing about peace, no war and don’t ignore this virus threat to the refugees camps.
Yes Sir!
Ms Christian Laggard, found already answers to solve problems of seniors who lived long because the health index of countries with high happiness level is very high?
Divine intervention I think!
Berlin – Winter 2020.