Where to use custom mailer boxes?


Mailer boxes are also known as subscription boxes. To handle the secure logistics of fragile items mailer cases are highly recommended. As these have the overlap flaps which are shaped in double-wall front tuck ends so it is able to make the secure delivery of your valuable products.

Nowadays, many innovative box styles are available that serve the versatile purposes of product packaging. Custom mailer boxes is one of the best options for shipping your product in a secure way. Such boxes are the most popular solutions for the perfect delivery of different products. But the most amazing thing about these boxes is that you can get these boxes in your required dimensions like:

  • Styles
  • Design
  • Shapes
  • Sizes

custom mailer boxes

Now let’s talk about how these boxes serve for versatile purposes. Below is a list for which these cases are mostly used. However, the basic purposes of all boxes that are storing and protecting the products are also catered by the custom mailer packaging.

Here are some purposes for which mailer box packaging is extensively utilized around the globe.

1. Assist you in secure shipment:

The very first purpose of using the mailer case is to ensure the secure shipment. The corrugation material that is used to make the mailer boxes and the size of flute is also available as per the requirement of the customers. If you need a high-strength package, then the size of the flute may be high. On the other hand, if you need a package with light-strength then the size of the flute is also light. Its double walls and interlocking flaps make it more durable for the shipment of products. So, it is more advisable packaging solution as compare to the other paperboard boxes. 

2. Protect your electronics during transportation:

Yes! It is a true fact that the large-sized mailer boxes are used for the packaging of different electrons like:

  • Refrigerator
  • Washing machines
  • Microwave oven
  • Computers
  • Video games

custom mailer boxes

As the customization help as a blessing and grant the opportunity to construct the mailer box of any size. So, the electronic sellers also used to pack their electronic appliances in big mailer cartons. As it is a secure solution of not only storing but also transporting the products damage-free to their destination. Therefore, the one evident use of mailer boxes is to pack the electronics.

3. Serve best to the gifts:

When the sensitive products are going to send as a gift to the loved ones at faraway places the mailer case is simply used for its packaging. But the addition of little twist of designing and decorating makes it more presentable for the customers. The decoration of the mailer box is depending on the taste of the consumer and for this purpose divergent decorative material is used. Such material entails:

  • Glitters
  • Bow
  • Flower
  • Ribbon
  • Pearls

All such type of material is used to upscale the outlook of the gift mailer boxes. However, sometimes greeting and wishes are printed on the mailer boxes to make it relevant to a particular event.

4. Use for fragile products:

Mailer boxes for sensitive products are made with the high-strength corrugation. Normally the flute sizes vary as per the need of the customers but when it comes to transport the fragile products the box must contain corrugation flute A. However, this flute is sided by the linerboards. Customers are always curious about their fragile product shipping and the chance of damage is always there. So, these types of mailer boxes ensure the security of the inside content during the transit. Here is a list of some fragile products that required sturdy and robust packaging material.

  • Artworks
  • Lampshades
  • Mirror
  • Glass picture frames
  • Liquid supplies

Add to the boxes and cases such type of products requires additional protective material like:

  • Air pillows
  • Bubble sheets
  • Liners
  • Spacers

Such type of material ensures that the fragile products not face any damage during the shipment and transportation.

5. Also, use for Repurposing:

Mailer boxes are also repurposed and after using the inside content the user can easily utilize it for different DIY purposes. There are a lot of examples of repurposing the mailer boxes.

  • Handicraft
  • Models
  • Project assembling
  • Kids activities
  • Domestic activities
  • Recycling
  • Storing
  • warehousing

This is also a vital purpose for which mailer boxes are available. On the other hand, you can also redesign these cases by wrapping them with any paper. And it is also used for the re-gifting by making changes in the decoration.

6. Mailer zipper boxes:

Mailer zipper boxes are the best packaging option to send documentation and valuable information. The best thing that is connected with this type of packaging is that when once you open the zipper it would never close again. Therefore, it is evident that sending sensitive documentation in mailer zipper boxes is the safest way. you can not only send the documents but also send the following things.

  • Invoices
  • Promotional paperwork
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Confidential documents

As a business person sending such type of paperwork is your daily routine and this type of packaging is quite imperative for your such type of deliveries. If you need these mailer boxes at a wholesale level, then you would also get a discounted price.