5 Best Personalized Birthday Gift Ideas For Dad


When it comes to writing or talking about dads, words will be short to describe how much they mean in all of our lives. Because dads are the real life superheroes. The amount of sacrifice and hard work they have been doing for us is difficult to pay back off. They perform multi-tasks at the same time as raising the family, earn the daily bread, and take care of the house. It’s impossible to return the amount of care and love they have given us throughout their lives. But still, we can try to reciprocate this love by surprising them through sweet gestures. As there are so many ways to show your father how much you appreciate all the things they have done for you and your family. You can surprise him on his birthday or on father’s day.

So start looking out for the gift that your father will treasure for the rest of his life.

Let your father know how much he means to you by picking a thoughtful gift for him so that it makes a personalised and useful gift. Here’s the list we have prepared for personalised birthday gift ideas for your father.

Customised cake

Birthdays are always special for everyone but you can make it more special by treating them with a customised cake. Creative customised cakes adds a special touch to your special celebration. You can get it designed according to your favourable size and specifications. Remind your dad you will remain his little champ and that he will be always his hero, by ordering a superhero theme birthday cake. You can also plan a proper house for him by preparing his favourite drink and menu. He will surely appreciate our efforts.

Personalised tie

This tie will add charm and as well complete his look as he goes to any casual event or to work each day. The secret message will always keep reminding him how he plays a major role in your life. He can flaunt it in front of his co-workers and friends as you give this on his birthday. You can also transcribe a sweet message or a photo of you on it. Choose according to his style and color he likes to wear.

Personalised passport book

If your dad likes to travel around the world then giving this personalised leather passport book would make a good gift. The leather naturally looks very good in passport books. You can get this customised by engraving a sweet message or your dad’s favourite quote on it. Whenever he will look at it, this will remind him of you. It consists of a leather pocket to hold the passport securely in place. Choose a saddle color or medium tan brown color.

Personalised messenger bag

You can give a travel messenger bag for a dad who goes to the office and likes to travel. He can carry all his essentials in this one. This bag comes in a lot of compartments and is very spacious enough to carry all his gadgets and laptop. You can give this by engraving his name on it through embroidery. This bag will make him realise whenever he is far away, that you are with him.

Personalised mug

If your dad is the one who kicks starts their day with a cup of a coffee. You can definitely give him a set of two personalised mugs by designing it with the quote ‘world’s best dad’. And on the second one you can print according to your choice.

So these were some unique and useful personalised birthday gifts for you dad. And if you are facing any struggle to get a customized cake through a surprise then you can use the option of online cake delivery services as they are quick.