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Unequally Yoked: Staying Committed to Jesus and Your Unbelieving Spouse (English Edition)


My newly published book is entitled Unequally Yoked: Staying Committed to Jesus and Your Unbelieving Spouse. (Available on Amazon Kindle as # B0791LJYX8).

This book discusses the conflict that arises when one person in a marriage decides to become a committed Christian, but the spouse is adverse to following this same path of faith. This change shifts the dynamics of the marriage. Suddenly the Christian spouse is speaking differently, thinking differently and rejecting old patterns of behavior. The non-Christian, puzzled by this dramatic change, will often fight against it.

Unequally Yoked.

The Clash of Faith

This clash of belief systems impacts the marriage in everyday life. Money, parenting, entertainment, even sex are some of the conflicts encountered. The couple needs to learn to redefine their marriage within the context of this new lifestyle. It’s a challenge that can threaten the viability of this marriage.

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Unequally Yoked: Staying Committed to Jesus and Your Unbelieving Spouse (English Edition).

“…Full of Practical Help”

Miranda has written an excellent book full of practical help for people who find themselves married to someone of a different belief structure. The issues are real and have lots of consequences if not handled well. I love Miranda’s personal stories of her journey. She has navigated this journey with dignity and grace. It is my privilege to know Miranda and to see her excel with this book! —Steve Long, Senior Leader, Catch the Fire Toronto. Author of “My Healing Belongs to Me,” “On the Run,” “The Faith Zone” and more

“The Journey…is Very Real…”

…I know the author and can testify that the journey she has walked is very real. …Her description of a marriage between a believer and unbeliever is extremely realistic and well portrayed…there is a responsibility on both partners to…continue the journey of first love.—Pastor Cheryl Davies, Heaven’s Place Ministries, Phoenix, Arizona