Being in a relationship with a foreigner is difficult, especially if we don’t possess citizenship of the country. This is where an Australian partner visa comes in handy. Even though some people can opt for long distance relationships, at some point or other, we have to migrate and get settled.

The partner visa has been through several changes in the past few years to provide benefits to the applicants. Without having more information about the partner visa, however, one would fall in a pit full of problems. That means, having consideration of specific details is essential when considering a partner visa.

Below is the list of things that we should be aware of while putting up an application for a partner visa

Application process

Generally, the experienced individuals suggest that starting a few months earlier is the safest way for this. One should typically begin the process three months early to ensure that they can migrate in Australia with their respective partners on time.

Most of us are already taking advantage of partner visa in Australia. After the temporary visa period has ended, few are forced to leave the country. However, if we ensure to prepare yourself months ahead of the actual deadline, we can take advantage of the situation and live with our partners with a valid visa.

Marriage is not necessary to have a partner visa

Many applicants consider that a legal marriage is required to be a citizen or have a partner visa in Australia. In reality, if our partners live in Australia as an eligible citizen, we just need evidence of having lived together for 12 months. This particular rule, however, isn’t that essential for getting a partner visa. The couples are only supposed to give the proof of having a De facto relationship for one year.

The online and offline version application form

Only an experienced individual can tell us about the difference between online and paper application forms. Sometimes, most of us are required to fill extra information in the online version of the form. The experts suggest that an individual should be able to select a specific version of the application to fill whether it is online or offline to get rid of extra confusion.

Duration of partner visa

The Australian partner temporary visa has a short duration of 2 years. Typically the individual can get a permanent partner visa in two stages. In the first stage, one is given two years of temporary visa so that they can live with their individual partners in Australia. If they continue to live with their individual partners and have a successful relationship, they can get a permanent visa to make them eligible for travel, study, work, and Medicare.

The expense of partner visa

Indeed, such an effective measure would not come without a price. Around the world, partner visits are the most expensive aspects. In 2018, the individuals were supposed to pay $7160 for one person. This fee is valid for the individuals being 18 years of age and above. If the applicant is below 18, he is supposed to pay the costs of about $1795.

Partner visa application acceptance timing

This is the most critical aspect anyone can think of while considering a partner visa. An offshore applicant having filled the form, gets the result within 13 to 17 months for a provisional visa. However, a permanent visa can take 17 to 25 months to get successfully processed. Similarly, the onshore application can take about 21 to 26 months to get processed for a professional visa. Lastly, the permanent visa is processed within 18 to 24 months, respectively.


Australian partner visa certainly has a complicated and challenging way to success. Most partners find it expensive and time-consuming to do it all alone. However, visa consultants Melbourne can help us. The Australian Visa company can provide better facilities at affordable rates.