What is the meaning of Easter? … Happy Easter.

Part of a consumerist business action of remarkable value that produces substantial income for Entrepreneurs and Taxpayers with its 22% additional costs

the meaning of Easter

What is the meaning of Easter? It is not only a Christian celebration that marks the beginning of the new world with a radical epochal change led by the New Testament, but it is also part of a consumerist business action of remarkable value that produces substantial income for Entrepreneurs and Taxpayers with its 22% additional costs.

Let’s talk about the one hundred grams of chocolate egg-shaped for the price of 10 euro. Or the 500 grams of Colomba Pasquale (Easter Cake) for 5 euro and thanks to Easter a substantial turnover has taken place with revenues that last over 30 days.
Furthermore, considering that only in Italy we will sell no less than 25 million Chocolate Eggs and various types and tastes of Easter Cakes, we can expect an income  turnover of four hundred million Euro.
But that’s not all. If we add Easter lunches, dinners, alcoholics, cigarettes and cigars, clothing and travel to Eggs and Easter Doves, we would be in the order of a few billion Euros thanks to Easter.

Good or Happy Easter.

What is the meaning of Easter finally? In its essence it represents the resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Divine Master and friend, but in the broadest sense of the meaning it also represents rebirth, the awakening of Nature, the Spring, the enchantment of life that takes its course with greater awareness attributed to the evolution of knowledge.
The trees begin to sprout after the long winter rest. The flowers begin to bloom, the birds to chirp as if to say, boys wake up. It is Easter of resurrection.
But, Easter is much more, and it calls us back to prayer, thanksgiving and wisdom, which are the real medicines of the soul. In other words we talk about living well and Easter invites us to forgive and understand others, of which we are also part.

Humility is not submission, but is the strength of being superior.

The educated man speaks little, listens and intervenes to help. Instead the politician or the street carpet salesman talk so much about selling their own ideologies or products that are often outlandish. They raise their voices, gesturing, waving flags and treat others as ignorant. They do it because they are convinced that the storyteller succeeds in gathering so many assents among those who are one step lower.
See how our world has been reduced: Pollution and wars, Climate change and sufferings, injustice and inequality.
In renewing several times during the day the wishes of peace and hugs for one day only, Lord Easter and Lord Christmas compete for the merits of gathering so many people that at least two days a year they feel more indulgent and altruistic.

Being smiling and happy even when bricks hit to hurt are the best medicine. Ah, how nice, only a single brick fell on my head while many more could fall and hit me. I’m lucky.

And now a bit of English humor.

While I was walking around Paris, a tourist from Zulus Landis stopped me and politely asked if he could take a picture of me. After taking the photo, he told me that in his village there was an empty cage at the zoo and he intended to expose my giant poster with the words and extend the Easter recurrence even among the different ones: bipeds, quadrupeds, homophobes and Atheists representing the inevitable human sunset.

Buona Pasqua (IT) – Happy Easter (En) – Joyeuses Paques (Fr) – eyd fash saeid (Arabo) – Kolo Pascha (Gr) – Schus Tlivoy paskhi (Russo) – Felica Pasko (Esperando) – Fuhuo jié kuàilè (Cina).

What is the meaning of Easter? … Happy Easter.

Anthony Ceresa Italia International Association