Best Money Management Apps to Keep Your Finances in Check


In modern life, there are so many opportunities to automize the financial part of life. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, relative money management apps are up for grabs and very helpful. An investor or any person, who cares for his budget or intends to develop an investment ladder, can use them as a primary tool to control it and keep track of the funds’ movements. Even when dealing with the investing JKR group, the company or any other business can track the flow of their expenses and incomes via the best money management apps.

The use of money management apps allows everyone to access his savings accounts, investment portfolios, or whatever online.

Their user-friendly platforms facilitate the users’ financial needs in one place and at any convenient time. Whether it is a director of a firm, CEO, or simple employee, money management apps are available to keep their finances in check.

Find a Money Management App That Works for You

Finance has a wide spectrum of implementation. The user can be interested in finance flows like daily expenses, a monthly budget, tracking savings, getting out of debts, etc. All these options are more than available to apply and accomplish in life. Thus, various money management apps (MMA) operate according to the user’s financial goal.

  • MMA to keep a budget

MMA for budgeting is the best solution to manage every dollar spent. Such apps work automated and can link bank accounts. Moreover, they can give some tips on where and how to save money.

The most popular MMA for budgeting is EveryDollar. This free-of-charge product enables the user to create a monthly budget in less than 10 minutes and track his spendings. This app supports Android and iOS operating systems. It offers more options for budgeting when getting into it deeper.

Another useful tool is YNAB («You Need A Budget»), with a tailored teaching approach to budget successfully. It contains a 20-minute video instruction on how to utilize the app correctly and benefit from it. This MMA for budgeting isn’t for free, but there is an opportunity to use a free 34-day trial to catch it and find it super applicable.

  • MMA for saving

Once the budget is controlled, it is simpler to build wealth by investing and saving. There are specific apps used for savings.

Acorns is an excellent choice to gather all the savings by putting them into a portfolio of stocks and bonds where every cent will grow to a real investment account. This platform is affordable in use and costs about $1-$5 per month.

Another banking platform that offers interest on checking accounts is Empower. This tool will help to manage the spendings by putting them into categories. This saving app will work for the user much better when setting the saving target. It is available for free first 14 days, but then it will cost $8 per month.

The Digit saving app is great for multiple purposes like savings for a house, vacation, emergency funds, etc. This brilliant tool will work for the user perfectly in a free 30-day trial by setting all necessary components. Then, it is $5 per month.

  • MMA to track expenses

The best thing about budgeting is the way of tracking expenses rather than incomes.

Personal Capital is one of the top money management apps. It is regarded as a universal platform to build an entire budget as well as a retirement plan. This app is free and can be installed on the desktop computer too. But when the financial advisor is needed, it will cost some extra money. 

One more mega platform to keep tracking of expenses is Mint. It makes money management more effortless. With its help, the user can see all his accounts in one place and their balance. This free software provides multiple actions with accounts, savings, and investments and even gives suggestions on possible savings.