Let’s laugh a little but not too much

Let’s laugh a little but not too much

My neighbor’s dog is a friend of all the tenants of the building.

One day I asked him if he too has given himself to politics for survival, embracing the Socialist thought.

His name is Bon Bon, he is a pure-blooded Afghan dog and once he told me that since he arrived in Italy about twenty years ago, there is no more to hear about Democracy. There is Crisis, we are too many, we depend on the jackals of the State political class, we have too many savings aside and in the Banks. We eat four or five times a day and we have too many freedoms, etc.

Dog: These words scare me, and if one day my master dies because he’s over 70, I’m sure the tenants of the building wouldn’t miss a piece of bread, maybe a thin steak, or a bone.

Dogs don’t go to school because nature has rewarded them with the sixth sense that allows them to understand from far the thoughts of those they meet on the street.

Me: What do you think of Italians people in general?

Dog: A people of artichokes without culture, the school does not teach them to reason, they continue to complain without interacting.

They love Democracy because they all do what they want.

The Pope, the Government, are all Democrats because they do what they please, a Group of Dictatorship well paid by the Power to keep people quiet, where the Head of Commands interact as they please and this is called Democracy.

We dogs, when we disagree, we show our teeth and things work out immediately. Instead, humans in Italy are divided into an infinity of political and religious thoughts like the leaves of the artichokes, to make them quarrel among themselves, break up, damage the goods of others, instead of solving the underlying problems.

The Dog continues: For example: what is the Parliament for?

Me: For discussing the various daily problems.

Dog: You mean for two thousand years they discussing the same problems? That is ridiculous. Don’t you?

Dog: If instead of parliamentary they created an Entity to Do, Collaborate, Create, formulated on Equity and Justice, everyone would put their knowledge for the good of the Community.

Me: Bravo Bon Bon. We will report you to the information agencies for the position of Head of the State to save the country from those who do what they want and fattens at the expense of the Community, weaving the Flag of Democracy.

Let’s laugh a little but not too much

Anthony Ceresa Italia International Association.