Best Festool Routers Reviews


The Festool router line is currently comprised of four different routers that range in price from $370 to $800. Each is optimized for a different set of woodworking

tasks and are compatible and designed to be used with one of their dust extraction vacuums as well as the proprietary guide rails. There is a slight discount if a router is purchased along with a dust extractor as a set.

The routers are outlined below:

  • MFK 700 Modular Router: This router is designed for trimming and edge profiling operations. It features both a horizontal and verticle base that may be

    quickly interchanged without wrenches. When used with a dust extractor, routing is virtually dust free-a particular advantage for jobsite use.

  • OF 1010 EQ Plunge Router: With a wide array of optional accessories available, the OF 1010 is a handy all-purpose router. Small enough for trim routing and

    edge profiling, and powerfull enough for rabbets and dados, this would be my first choice if I was only purchasing one router. Precision depth adjustments, a

    detachable 13′ cord, and efficient dust control are a few of the OF 1010 notable features.

  • OF 1400 EQ Plunge Router: If looking to purchhase just one Festool router, for me the choice would come down to the OF 1010 or the OF 1400. One of the obvious differences would be the power. If you are looking to perform plunging operations such as stopped dados and dovetails, and utilizing the gude rail along I would choose the OF 1400. It also excells in operations that require significant material removal such as mortising. The OF 1400 comes with 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inch collets.
  • OF 2200 Plunge Router: The router of choise for those who require the ultimate in power. The OF 2200 features a few unique features not found in the others: triple bearing design, magnetic brake, and spindle lock with micro adjust (acts as a fixed base).