Welcome dear president Donald Trump.

Anthony Ceresa writes a letter to the new USA President

Finally America’s has found a President worthy to Govern the United Stated and the world.

Dear President Ronald Trump, cheers and good luck in the difficult task to govern your home Country as well as to be a warrant of world peace for the entire planet, with a marking accent on the fundamental function which is Justice, the real cause of misunderstandings between men guiding humanity to rebellion and wars.

Since Richard Nixon Presidency from 1969 to 1972 considered a great philosopher inclined to unite the world under a unique flag of friendship, many influent people have occupied the Presidential chair of the Members Unity of America, but apparently without the required skills and soul to hold this important task.

In all these years we have been convinced that Democracy was the best form of Government but the painful result of many years Demon-cracy to nowadays world situation, we have learned that many People of Power and Authorities have used the term Democracy to legitimate speculation, theft, and all sorts of crimes up to wars, all in name of Democracy, suffocating the truth through wellpaid media’s specialist on  disinformation.

Since the second world war with over sixty million dead, all promises to improve human rights turned to be vain and since 1945 we had over hundred wars up to our days with million dead placing a chilling question mark on the future of mankind in case of a Nuclear world war.

I don’t know if really exist the King of Kings, but the teaching extrapolated from the commandments of all religions, guide mankind to brotherhood and an all around cooperation that Democracy has considered as an exclusive privilege to abuse for personal or group interests.

Mecca and Rome are the two silent extreme cornerstone of world’s fight to govern the planet by philosophic abstract concepts, unconscious to create unhappiness, suffering, extremism, wars and death, meanwhile the Democrats which follow with the same philosophical criterium on weak minds speculations, belong to the half evolute beings who discovered the dry water and live on other people strength and sufferings.

As an example I shall mention the case of Amanda Nox in Italy that you dear President had the pleasure to follow in a tormented judgment, where it was obvious the inability of the Public Prosecutor confusing the judgment apparently because he had within hands an American subject, despite Amanda was innocent and had an excellent defense.

Unfortunately, this reality is not an isolated case, I shall describe another case amongst thousand of injustices created by the Italian topsy-turvy Democracy concept to rob and judge innocent people to fatten the Gross Domestic Product through injustices to maintain Politicians, Judges, cars, apartments, Lawyers, Police and Prison structures.

A second example: I obtained by rights an apartments in terms of ransom from the Region of Lombardy payable on 25 years.

After paying the apartment for 40 years, over fifteen times the value of the apartment, I am threatened to be shown the door if not accept the mafia impositions of the Region in a marriage between the Region and the Catholic Church. I attempted several appeals to the Region Authorities, to the Law and to the Government but without response.

I resorted to the European Tribunal in Strasbourg where to my surprise after four years I have been informed that the complete file with the charges went missing or stolen and with this they lock my appeal.

Democracy, Christianity, philosophies, Politicians, Tribunals, Judges, are all jars of jam in this country Governed by Democrat Tyrants, Democrat robbers, Democrat speculators, where they fill prisons with  innocent people to focus the life of a man or a group of people without conscience, judging innocents to fatten the Gross Domestic Product by way of injustices to maintain Judges, Politicians cars, apartments, Lawyers, Police and Prisons making fun of Democracy.

The world need to double the United Nation Organization (UN), one for State Governments Membership and one for the Citizens of the world, to appeal and pretend human Rights and the right to live with dignity.

Anthony Ceresa.