Billions of years ago, a miracle of Big Bang took place, from the gigantic explosion birthed a galaxy revolving around a star. Among the new planets, Earth had the honor to live and breathe.

The fabulous and mighty earth has been a center of attraction, since the first time mankind found out that our planet is the only living planet.

But what have we been doing to protect it?

What have we been doing to nurture it?

Climate Change


Instead, we have been doing the complete opposite of what we should be doing. Our home planet gave us a lot. But in return, we have been unable to return the favour, instead, we bestowed the art of war and glory, corruption and the industrial revolution. We have evolved, yes, but it had its side effects on how our standard of living has brought drastic climatic changes as well.

Global Inflammation and Us

Evidence reveals how much climate has drastically been weighed down with the advancement of technology and every industrial Advancement has contributed in addition to waste and pollution.

Global warming has been a serious concern since the past few decades and no that the red signal is blinking out we are still “considering steps to be taken”. The way a chemical reacts to heat and fire is exactly the way global warming has been reacting to the changes being visible on the earth. Global inflammation is what’s now causing the major destruction, melting of glaciers and so on.

Going on strikes is not going to solve the problem anymore, direct action needs to be taken. People travelling around the world are real-life recorders who have seen how things are changing and being affected by people. There was a time when people used to go to Iceland for its glaciers, but now? You can’t seem to find one that is not melting away.

It has given rise to seal levels, and just imagine at what cost polar animals could be saved?

Heat, Heat and more Heat

During pilgrim ritual, Muslims have to suffer from heat a lot, doesn’t matter summer or winter, we will have to undergo the sun and take serious precaution steps to avoid the excessive heat.

Muslims going on Umrah or Hajj has experienced the changes in their surroundings, already a dry land, Saudi Arabia has taken some measures to prevent pilgrims from getting heat stroked whenever they want to come.

Climate Change


Performing rituals in open area, under the sun, is unavoidable, using an umbrella will be hopeless once the weather changes drastically in the coming years. Heat is torture enough but with climate change, the pilgrims from different countries will find it hard survival for sustenance.

Cities of Makkah and Madinah are in extreme danger from the heat stress. Performing Hajj and Umrah has been often a trial for physical strength and endurance you need during it.

You can’t expect Muslims to forgo the desire the of Umrah and Hajj due to environmental threats the sacred cities face, it will affect hajj and Umrah.


Like any other city, Makkah and Madinah are more prone to several heatstroke accidents. Why? Because of pilgrims coming to perform hajj and Umrah has never diminished. Besides this, any country offering tourism to people will have to suffer the consequences.

Our body has to take toll and stamina when it comes to performing hajj. Every step is hard and it can be a tiresome experience for every pilgrim. And imagine if it starts getting messier by the day then days will become unbearable hence increasing number of deaths.

It has been predicted that 20% change in climate by 2045 will be extremely harsh for any pilgrim, such drastic measures need to be taken in advance considering the number of pilgrims increases every year.

What Islam Has to Do with Climate Change?

Islam preaches discipline and harmony alongside it also advocates environmental stewardship. Basically, it is the caretaker for everything, either an animal or even the surroundings, it has always promoted cleanliness and nurturing of nature at every other prospect as well. You can’t ignore the fact that a religion promoting peace and prosperity will adhere to necessary steps that need to be taken to replenish the effects of human activities on earth. We can’t distance ourselves from nature. The greenhouse gases and emissions have caused enough damage as earth soaks more heat than its capacity.

Under such conditions performing hajj won’t b possible when even breathing air into the lungs will be as poisonous as taking in radiation. If you want to safeguard the chance of going for hajj and Umrah for generations to come then you need to follow up the guidelines prescribed by Islam.

Hazardous Conditions Are Taking Place

Any sort of travelling is time taking and demanding, especially if you are going for spiritual guidance on pilgrimages.

Thousands of plastic waste can be seen laying around afterwards, is this healthy?

Initiating healthy steps to keep the environment clean is necessary. To avoid the condition, the Saudi government has introduced visions for a better hierarchy of system with ideal sustainable projects currently underway from the future aspect.

To avoid the hazardous conditions taking place, the government has decided to install recycling plants for a more environmental friendly Hajj and Umrah can take place without any distortion.

The biggest challenge is to motivate the Muslims to take a step at an individual level and bring a change in their routines so that change can be mobilized.

Planting more trees is the solution, but it will take more time to start working miracle changes in the environment.

Besides that, global charity events need to be organized to make people and developing worlds understand the importance of climate change. Major industries responsible should be held accountable for their actions. Otherwise, our future generations won’t only starve from a religious point of views but will lose their history as it will rot in the name of radicalizing technology.