The auspicious occasion of the year for every single Muslim. A gift from Almighty to the Muslims for fasting one whole month. It holds great importance in every Muslim’s life. Celebrated all over the world with zest and happiness. It is the festival for breaking the fast. People keep all their grudges aside on this day and greet each other with love and respect.

Eid is the happiest time for everyone and a GREAT time for the shopkeepers and CRAZY SHOPPING season for girls and boys. People after breaking their fast and getting free from their prayers, rush to the nearest market or malls to shop for their eid clothes. From the lower middle-income people to the elite who earn billions, spend a big amount of their valuable time in markets and malls, and spend way more than they can even afford.

And Eid season sees this compulsive shopping behaviour every single year.

Craziness That You See During Eid Shopping Season:

Following are the crazy shoppers and shopping moments that you experience during Ramadan when eid is just around the corner:

  1. Impulsive Shoppers:

    People who do not need anything but shop out of stress, happiness or even anxiety. They think of shopping as their therapy. And, with eid around the corner, they have more reasons to shop those high heels they would probably never wear after that one time. Every retailer and shopkeeper love these impulsive buyers because they come in the shop to buy one pair of shoes and end up buying half a dozen sandals that they don’t even have a dress to wear them with.

  1. Researcher:

The sales person and shopkeepers are scared of this buyer. They know exactly what they want and how much do they need to pay for it because of their extensive research about the product they need whether it is men’s underwear online or branded shorts in Pakistan. They research about even the smallest thing they need. And, when they go into the market they don’t let you guide them. That happens the most in Ramadan and it can be really tough for shopkeepers to cope up with them.

  1. Crazy Shopping Spree:

Women go crazy over every single dress they need to get stitched. Their shopping is not limited to dresses, shoes or jewellery only. They need an entire day for laces as well, getting the matching dupatta and if God Forbid they don’t find one, they shop for a plain white dupatta and get it dyed from another market. The whole process can be pretty tiring if it were for men.

Coming to men, these days, men too are in competition with women when it comes to shopping. They take their time in finding everything they need like their matching boxers. YES! Their matching boxers. Be it their cuffs or perfect fabric for their Eid kurta, they stay in style too.

  1. One Who Bargains:

Nobody likes this shopper, even the families members feel embarrassed around these buyers. They can bargain over any freaking they see. And, even if there is clearly FIXED PRICES written on the store, they would go in and try to get the good in a good bargain. Shopkeepers get annoyed because of them and the mums can embarrass their teenage kids.

People like to buy things at the price that they prefer rather than what other person is offering given the entire store he owns and the bills and salaries he has to pay. Because people go crazy over eid shopping, these bargain hunters go looking for a discount on every other store and know the best deals in town on everything.

Shopping Madness During Eid Season.

By Ammar Hussain