Kingdom of the West – Why Morocco?


Why Morocco? Well, why not? People always want to travel where it’s cool and calm…but let me tell you there’s not foreseeing of adventure in doing something safe and calm is it?

Originating from the time when Idris I founded the state it had been home to dynasties, Berbers, and Sammi, locating from northern parts of Europe and also a mutual collaboration of Spanish and French influence when taken as mandates, it’s home to diversity one needs to wonder about.

It’s the highlight of North Africa, with its capital residing at Rabat and influential landmarks and coastlines in the southwest of the country it has become an epitome of choice for adventure seekers.

With its rich history in culture and traditions, it’s a diehard moment for the tourists who love to travel closer to the equator to see the wonders of sub-Saharan territorial lands. It provides one of the best traveling and food zest to the tourists who beg to differ from the rest of the travelers. To each its own right?

Well talking about the diversity let’s not forget the famous souks (marketplaces) that are a wonder in themselves. From hot spice vendors to snake vendors you will get to enjoy the fortune teller gypsies at every corner of the area with their grabbing details. One might think they have entered the era of Arabian Nights!

Coastal resorts are the future of tourism in sub-Saharan terrain. It might be hot but it blissfully has colder nights (thank God for that!) and major activities will help you to plan a proper schedule for the day with most intriguing water skiing, buggy rides and what not!

The Mediterranean climate is enjoyable when at its peak from September to October and during early March to April showcasing one of the finest festivals around the year. It’s an adventure of the lifetime!

Kingdom of the West – Why Morocco?