For the last two years, we are planning to visit Medellín. We completed the booking process by calling the Spirit Airlines Reservation Team. I was so excited about the trip with my loving family. We completed the packing process and made a list of the places where we will share our memories. But our luck does not favor us, two days before the departure my granny suffered from the disease called CoronaVirus. We admitted her to the hospital and wanted to cancel the whole trip for saving some amount of cancellation fees.

To cancel our tickets, I visited the official website of Spirit Airline. I was so curious about the cancellation charges so I started to read Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy for understanding it better.

  • No cancellation fee is charged to the passenger when they cancel the tickets before 24 hours of booking time period. The departure date must be one week away.
  • Passenger requires to pay the Spirit Airlines Cancellation fee after the lapse of risk-free period.
  • The cancellation fee depends on the route and service chosen by the passengers.
  • As per the policy, if the passenger is canceling a Standard ticket online, the airline will charge $90 and when the passenger chooses offline cancellation process the airline charges $110 per passenger.
  • No refund is allotted to passengers after the departure. The whole ticket fare will be charged as No Show Fees.
  • The Spirit Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy does not apply when the booking is made on the departure date.
  • All the passengers with Award tickets require to pay $110 for securing a refund.

After reading all the policies, I was sure about the fact that my ticket does not qualify for a full refund as our ticket purchased three days before departure. I was looking for more information so before starting the cancellation process I studied the cancellation policy twice.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Method 

  • To cancel our booking, I visited the official website of Spirit Airlines
  • Completed the login process by filling the blank field with my User ID and Password
  • The homepage was opened, I Clicked on the Manage My Trip options, the website redirected me to the booking page
  • I entered the booking ID with the passenger the last name, and click on the Proceed tab
  • A new page was opened, I selected the passenger name whom I yearn to cancel their trips
  • Click on the Yes tab for confirming the selection
  • After the selection, a new was opened with terms and conditions, I read the consent page for more information
  • Select the proceed tab for completing the cancellation process
  • Refund amount was displayed with the total breakup
  • The whole process was mild and smooth to perform

The airline deducted $110 per passenger and after the final calculation, the airline processed our refund request. For canceling tickets offline, the airline charges $20 more as compared to the online process. The cancellation fee charged by the airline against the number of passengers not on the number of tickets. If the online cancellation process does not work for anyone, the passenger offers the cancellation process offline (over the call or at the airport counter).

After canceling the tickets my next job was to know the total days required to process my transaction. So, I go through the refund policy of the airline.

Spirit Airlines Refund Policy:

  • In the refund policy, it was mentioned that Spirit Airlines will take 20 business days to initiate my refund.
  • But I did the payment process through my Credit Card. So, my refund will be initiated within seven days.

I was so curious about grasping the knowledge regarding the Spirit Airlines Refund Policy. So I started to read all the policies:-

  • The airline will no refund amount when a non-refundable ticket holder cancels the ticket within six days of departure.
  • For requesting a refund, passengers must use an online portal for saving service fees.
  • No cancellation fee is charged to those passengers who cancel tickets within 24 hours of booking and the flight departing date is one week away.
  • Passenger ticket type does not have any role in deciding the refund amount if they cancel the tickets within a risk-free period.
  • The airline will waive off cancellation fee, if the passenger is canceling tickets for following reasons
  1. Death of relatives
  2. Health Issues
  3. Government or Military orders
  4. Judiciary act

After reading the refund policy, I was so happy that Spirit Airlines made a policy that is helpful for passengers and easy to ascertain. Our account received the refund amount within 6 days from the date of the refund request. For more information about the cancellation policy visit the official site or call on the customer service number +1-888-434-6454.