The 5 must-have kitchen gadgets


Easily prepare a restaurant-worthy dinner thanks to the sensor-controlled kitchen appliances. Impress your friends and family and become a master chef in your own kitchen.

The Mastery Range for the best cooking performance

Thanks to the new kitchen gadgets in the equipment of the Mastery Range, your cooking performance is brought to a whole new level. The devices – provided with intelligent technologies – work together with you in a unique way. Discover the world’s first truly responsive cooking experience supplemented with the latest kitchen gadgets:

  1. The dishwasher that speaks your language

The new and intuitive way to start the dishwasher. With the Quick Select / My Select technology.

Customized dishwashing with Quick Select, all in just a few clicks, with the Eco meter providing immediate feedback on energy consumption. The dishwasher also does the necessary things, so that you can count on impeccably clean dishes the moment that suits you best. Thanks to the special holders in the new Maxi Flex cutlery drawer, knives are perfectly positioned for optimum cleaning.

  1. Discover the new induction cooking with Sense Cook

Pushes the boundaries of induction cooking. The latest Sense Cook hobs offer you the latest innovations in sensor technology. Baking, roasting or cooking. Using the temperature sensors – your personal sous chefs! – You have everything perfectly under control at all times. The SensePro® (watch video) with wireless temperature sensor senses the cooking process very precisely. For the right baking result, the Sense Fry® (watch video) with special sensor under the glass is the ideal choice. And with the Sense Boil® (watch video) , boiling is a thing of the past.

  1. Invisibly beautiful and flexible: The Pure Black hob

The first thing you see with a Pure Black hob . Because no printed graphics are used, only the smooth, glossy, black surface is visible. However, when the hob is switched on, the lighting comes on and the controls and cooking zone displays only become visible.

Maxi Sense and Flexi Bridge

Cover the cross, and the zones automatically adjust to your cookware – for uniform cooking results regardless of the size or location of the pan. Some models also have a special Flexi Bridge zone. This cooking zone consists of 4 segments that can be linked together in different ways.


The extractor hood is switched on and operated automatically by means of smart sensors in the control panel of the hob.

  1. Lift your dishes to a higher level with Comfort Lift

Loading and unloading the dishwasher is no pleasure, so introduces Comfort Lift® (watch video) . The first dishwasher that, thanks to the new technology, ensures – with loading – that the dishes come up automatically when they roll out. This way you can unload more efficiently and load more efficiently without stooping. A dishwasher designed to make it easier for you.

  1. A refrigerator layout to your liking with Custom Flex

Do you ever adjust and measure to properly store the bottles of milk, eggs and fruit juice in your fridge? That can be quite a challenge. With the Custom Flex® (watch video) refrigerators you have a refrigerator layout that always meets your needs. The storage system is a completely adjustable rack in the refrigerator door. The individual compartments can easily be rearranged so that you can always keep a wide variety of ingredients fresh and simple. Finish the fridge with the extendable shelves, or the Spin View.

Best Kitchen gadgets