Different types of Marble: applications to make a beautiful stone home


Out of all the natural stones that are available in the market of construction and beautification of your home, marble is generally the most common stone to fall under the list of recommendations no matter what you are going for. With its wide range of colors and sizes, in Melbourne, marble tiles are some of the unduly preferred stones in all of Australia.

No matter which type of decor you aim to put in your home, marble is capable of complementing every single color you put on your walls, and every piece of furniture you place.

Different types of marble will give different levels of sophistication and elegance to your home.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is the impact your color palette is capable of making. Since you can’t really pair up white with brown, or brown with red, you should know exactly what you’re aiming to create when working with the different rooms of your home. 

Stone has many applications in general, whether you’re looking to create a stone countertop, a marble staircase, a kitchen slab, or even walls or floors covered by stone tiles. Some people even go as far as to create an entire house made of stone! 

While stone houses might sound quite impractical from a distance, the stone is durable, great for the environment, has unique designs on every single tile, and holds a solid resistance to fire.

This makes it a much better option than wood for furnishings or general items all over your home.

Several types of Marble: Emperador marble, Calacatta Marble, Carrara Marble, etc.

While the application for all types of marble is quite consistent, their designs and patterns with reference to your home can really determine the place where they should be placed. 

When it comes to Emperador Marble, it is distinctively brown in color and comes under different shades of brown. Whether you want dark or light brown, Emperador Marble gives you a choice of the contrast you think looks best in order to compliment the white and brown furniture in your own home. Quite often, this form of marble is used by luxury hotels in the construction of bathrooms to add a hint of serene calmness in the room. 

All luxury hotels place a marble in its different forms over different parts of the hotel room in order to improve the ambiance, as well as provide an elegant and sophisticated room, all while giving you a sense of comfort as soon as you walk in.

Carrara marble is more on the white and grey side of the spectrum and falls under the more commonly used forms of marble. Due to its distinctive style, Carrara marble is excessively used for the construction of marble stairs with gold linings to compliment the essence of the stone. However, it can still be used for floors and countertops, etc. 

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With several other types of marble falling back in line, inclusive of Statuary marble, Calacatta marble, etc. Marble’s different colors range consists of blue, red, brown, cream, beige, white, grey, black and almost any other color you can think of.

Once you understand the energy you want in your home, as well as the stone that could compliment it perfectly, you can easily go forth and buy some marble tiles.